Moving to Oracle Cloud and need a Vendor Management Migration Path?

Provade Vendor Management System (VMS) is the only Oracle Platinum ISV Partner and replacement for PeopleSoft Services Procurement for Cloud


Provade Benefits

Analyze, manage, and control your contingent workforce and SOW spend



There is the how and there is who of services procurement. Provade handles both-and across all service types and delivery/payment models.



Timesheets, Milestones, Deliverables, SOW generation, Requisition and Work Order approvals. With dozens, hundreds and even thousands of service workers, this is a huge job. Provade has the built in workflows to streamline each of these for you.



From invoice receipt to milestone confirmation and even dispute resolution and finally to payment disbursement, Provade has it all built in.


Reporting & Analytics

How much did you spend? And on whom? Will Forecasted spend exceed your annual budget? Where can you find potentially savings? Provade’s built in reporting & Analytics will provide you those answers and many more.

Is this your world?

See how you can manage your outsourced contingent workforce