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I vividly remember being at the YMCA with my mother when I was about six years old. She was renewing our membership and the lady behind the counter was asking...

Five years ago, if you listened to some prognosticators, you would have expected by now that TVs, computer monitors, desktops and home theaters would be extinct. EVERYTHING was going to be done on mobile. We were going to be...

At Provade we continue to be astonished at the reaction we receive when we are in front of our customers and prospects and we show them our mobile apps. Responses range from sheer amazement at what they are seeing to diatribes about how backward the VMS industry is, and the inevitable question, “why is Provade the only VMS I have seen with mobile apps?”.

At Provade, central to our strategy as a VMS is the stability we derive from the Oracle applications on which we base our solution. We chose to build on top of a world class Enterprise foundation for a number of reasons.

When an enterprise invests in technology, the ideal situation is to take a holistic approach. The “dream” scenario would include the foresight to implement a leading ERP that could address your business needs end-to-end. From employee portals to Procurement/Purchasing,