To Mobile or not to Mobile

 Monday, October 24, 2016

Five years ago, if you listened to some prognosticators, you would have expected by now that TVs, computer monitors, desktops and home theaters would be extinct. EVERYTHING was going to be done on mobile. We were going to be viewing all movies, TV shows, sporting events on tablets. And even business applications were going to slide off of the big screens into our pockets. Voila!

Experience has shown that not everything belongs on mobile. I enjoyed my binging of Narcos SO MUCH more on the big screen in my basement than I would have on my iPad. Please don’t tell my wife about the binging thing – she doesn’t read my blogs, so I’m safe here. And for those of you in California, Google “basement”.

In VMS there hasnt been a push for true mobility. Yes, you can approve things through emails, which you can get on your phone. And you can visit your VMS provider’s mobile website – typically an unpleasant experience, and sometimes not possible because of SSO connections and limitations in your corporate mobility policies. But you don’t see many real, native apps built for IOS and Android. Why?

Is it because people are so set in their perception of VMS implementations as vast, complex endeavors? They think about all of the fields they need on a requisition to capture all of the “critical” data. You know, the stuff that drives everyone crazy and is only there because “that’s how we’ve always done it” but adds no value to the process.

We offer the full, end-to-end hiring manager experience in native IOS and Android apps. We also offer true mobile apps for workers to log their time and expenses. But we don’t offer a program management mobile app for our MSPs. That is a high volume, often complex job that often requires some serious real estate. And now that your Samsung blew-up, there aren’t any mobile devices big enough to fit it all on a screen.

How do we do it? We encourage our customers to think of mobile first. In doing so we find that they end-up with a much more elegant implementation. They focus on the truly critical and simplify the users’ experience. And while on the mobile device – executing these simple, elegant transactions – if they need to go deeper, they use one of the other functions of the device. They call or text the MSP and keep the process moving along.

The rethinking of VMS is long overdue. Let’s bring simplicity to this old industry. Text me if you agree.


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