Mobile VMS – Really?

 Thursday, March 17, 2016

At Provade we continue to be astonished at the reaction we receive when we are in front of our customers and prospects and we show them our mobile apps. Responses range from sheer amazement at what they are seeing to diatribes about how backward the VMS industry is, and the inevitable question, “why is Provade the only VMS I have seen with mobile apps?”. I wish I had an answer to that question because it would give me insight into the mindset of our competition. But I can tell you that, no matter the answer, I’m glad only Provade has real mobile apps for the hiring manager and worker.

Mobility means simplicity, and today everyone is asking for greater simplicity in everything we do. The traditional desktop approach to VMS (or even the tablet approach many VMS providers have taken) lends itself to over-complication of the experience. If you think "mobile" first you’ll focus on a streamlined user experience, and that is exactly what we deliver in our mobile apps.

Notice I said that we have “real mobile apps” for the hiring manager and requester. Unlike our big competitors, we don’t just enable you to use our website on your mobile device (I have news for them, you can use any website on your mobile device), or use doctored-up emails. We deliver purpose-built, native Android and IOS apps – you can find them on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. This is what is truly meant when people speak of “mobility”. Our apps were built specifically for your handheld devices and they blow away the user experience of hitting our competition’s websites on your iPhone or Android device. Hiring managers can create requisitions, review candidates and their resumes, schedule interviews, create assignments, approve transactions and much more. Workers can submit timesheets and expenses and attach receipts or work product. You can complete the entire process end-to-end without ever touching a keyboard.

So, if your organization has a strategic initiative to mobilize your workforce, both your FTEs and contingent, then you need to see Provade’s mobile apps.


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