Stability is KEY in VMS

 Tuesday, September 29, 2015

At Provade, central to our strategy as a VMS is the stability we derive from the Oracle applications on which we base our solution. We chose to build on top of a world class Enterprise foundation for a number of reasons. First is the breadth of features that are inherent to a truly global ERP: multi-lingual, multi-currency, support for all forms of taxes, a robust workflow engine and the ability to handle vastly complex organizational structures and the intricacies that come with them. These are all essential to support our customers who span nearly 70 countries and myriad industry verticals. On top of this strong foundation we have added a decade worth of enhancements and extensions to give our customers the best, most complete experience as they procure and manage all manner of services.

But all of the deep capability we deliver would be for naught if our system were unstable or unreliable. Another reason we chose to build on Oracle applications is the tremendous stability they provide. Unlike the VMS systems which grew out of the late 90s and early 2000s, Oracle is built from the ground up with an appreciation for every aspect of a global corporation’s business: customer relationship management, services procurement, purchasing, HR, financials, supply chain management and business intelligence. In contrast, other VMS providers set their own foundations to support a very narrow slice of what the VMS experience has grown to be. Over the last decade-plus they have added modules here and there, patching together pieces that stretch their infrastructure and architecture far beyond its original intended scope. At the same time, we have been enhancing core components that are part of a firm, broad foundation that was laid before we began and which continues to serve the Fortune 1000 very well.

Of late there is increasing noise in the VMS world about the instability of some of the top players in the space. “System unavailable” messages are becoming more common. Users are unable to access systems and/or reporting for extended periods, sometimes days. But this is not something Provade customers experience. We have exceeded our uptime SLAs every year since our inception. We are the most reliable of the tier one VMS providers. And we do all of this on a single, global instance. Several of our largest competitors host multiple instances, and even with this reduced load they are unable to maintain the uptime Provade consistently achieves.

As you contemplate what VMS is right for you, stability and availability should be at the fore. The record of the last decade, and the reports coming out of the industry today clearly demonstrate that Provade is your most stable, most reliable choice in VMS.

Peter Parks, COO for Provade inc.


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