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Provade Perspectives

Join Provade at the TSW Expo

Posted on May 4, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Provade is honored to be sponsoring and attending the 2015 Spring TSW Expo, May 4-6 in Silicon Valley. It will be an exciting three days full of sessions and workshops that help drive adoption and outcomes. And, we'll be introducing something new!

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Get a Clear View of SOW Spend to Enhance Your Procurement Program

Posted on Jan 6, 2015 10:30:00 AM

With a new year come new budgets, and often new commitments to optimize certain aspects of your business. If you're considering revamping or enhancing your procurement program in 2015, you should begin with a clear understanding of how you are currently operating and what your managers have planned for the future.

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Get to Know Hans Bukow

Posted on Dec 16, 2014 2:00:00 PM

Provade recently welcomed Hans Bukow as president, who brings over 25 years of executive management and entrepreneurship experience leading venture-backed technology companies. Hans’ widespread skills and knowledge are assets to Provade’s continued growth and innovation. Let’s get to know our new leader. 

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Big Data Driving Demand for BI Talent

Posted on Dec 9, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Enterprise organizations are finding that a strong business intelligence (BI) strategy is essential to take advantage of big data’s possibilities. As data becomes more available and democratized than ever before, companies that don't figure out how to harness it, analyze it and apply it to their advantage will be left behind. 

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Say Hello to a Fully Integrated VMS with our New Video

Posted on Nov 21, 2014 1:30:00 PM

Without a fully integrated Vendor Management System (VMS), organizations aren’t functioning as efficiently as possible. Integration with existing ERP systems can help companies achieve cost savings, time savings, compliance and ease of use.

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Trends and Insights in Contingent Workforce Management

Posted on Oct 27, 2014 4:28:04 PM

When industry experts come together to discuss and debate issues in contingent workforce management, it's always a lively discussion.  As sponsors of the 2014 SIA CW Solutions Forum and CWS Summit earlier this month in Las Vegas, we were able to hear firsthand from those who live and breathe contingent workforce management. As they candidly shared their successes, needs and challenges, we heard several themes emerge:

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Topics: VMS Best Practices, Mobile

Quarterly Business Review Strategies to Drive Efficiency

Posted on Oct 1, 2014 4:08:00 PM

Never underestimate the benefits of the Quarterly Business Review (QBR). When done correctly, the QBR is a critical component to build a strong and productive contingent workforce vendor/client relationship. These meetings provide a fact-based environment where progress can be evaluated and proactive strategies can be initiated. Business Intelligence (BI) is an integral part of the QBR; this concrete data, supplied by the Vendor Management System (VMS), enables an evaluation of performance and provides a starting point for discussion to help drive future growth. 

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Topics: VMS Best Practices, Business Intelligence

Say Aloha to Provade at Kahunaville Cocktail Reception

Posted on Sep 23, 2014 10:49:00 AM

Attending the CW Solutions Forum and CWS Summit October 6-9? Provade wants to ensure you enjoy your time in Las Vegas, which is why we are hosting an exclusive cocktail reception at Kahunaville Treasure Island. Kahunaville is a Las Vegas hot spot featuring flair bartenders and tropical-island style. Get to know the Provade team and enjoy complimentary lama pa’ipa’l (cocktails) and kaukau (hors d’oeuvres).   

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Topics: Contingent Workforce

Join Provade at SIA’s CW Solutions Forum and CWS Summit

Posted on Sep 10, 2014 3:13:00 PM

The largest annual event for global corporate buyers of contingent labor is hitting Las Vegas!

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Is Your Business Fully Integrated?

Posted on Aug 26, 2014 10:16:00 AM

Integration is a surefire way to improve business processes, offering a world of benefits to end users, administrators and the C-Suite. Leveraging an overarching solution not only has financial benefits (derived from taking full advantage of your IT investment) but also boots productivity by gaining efficiency in workflows. With the amount of time it takes to select and implement a software application, why not get the most from the solution by applying it to the business as a whole? Creating siloes with different applications only limits the results you will see from your solutions, and prevents your team members from applying business intelligence data to their decision making process.

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Topics: Contingent Workforce, VMS Best Practices