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Last week was a great week for Provade. We announced our restructuring ( and strategic focus on bringing a

Does Embracing an Enterprise-Class Business Applications “Ecosystem” Matter?

Today’s board level executives feel the heat rising on almost everything related to securing data – especially data that affects financial transactions and people – the two things at the heart of VMS usage.

At Provade we continue to be astonished at the reaction we receive when we are in front of our customers and prospects and we show them our mobile apps. Responses range from sheer amazement at what they are seeing to diatribes about how backward the VMS industry is, and the inevitable question, “why is Provade the only VMS I have seen with mobile apps?”.

Too often, a company’s sales pitches are just that… a sales pitch. Companies put together compelling stories to entice customers to purchase their wares, but often have little substance behind them. In the software space...