Data Sheets

Spend Management vs. Program Execution Overview Sheet

What really matters when you kick off a contingent workforce management program? Learn how to balance the key drivers of spend management and program execution to achieve your savings goals.

Provade Mobile Solutions Overview Sheet

Complete functionality and full access. Stay connected and complete tasks on the go, in real time.

Provade VMS Overview Sheet

Automate contingent labor and SOW procurement processes. Analyze progress and results. Deliver measurable value to your business.

Provade Business Intelligence Overview Sheet

Analyze results. Share your findings. Make informed decisions. Optimize your contingent labor program.

Provade for Oracle Customers Overview Sheet

Leverage your investments in Oracle applications. Integrate with existing systems. Capture contingent workforce and services procurement savings.

Provade Identity Management Overview Sheet

Track assets and access. Uniquely identify your entire headcount – globally. On/off-board resources in under a minute.