Identity Management

Provade’s Identity Management System offers greater support for on/off-boarding of all personnel, whether billable or non-billable, with robust security and asset tracking functionality.


Provade’s Identity Management System

can operate as a standalone solution or act as the first step in adopting a traditional VMS. Whether deployed as a self-service module or in conjunction with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), the system offers high levels of security and control. Sponsors can quickly and easily onboard, reactivate and deactivate resources, while leveraging full work order functionality available in Provade VMS.

Provade’s Identity Management System allows organizations to perform the following essential tasks in a self-service model:

Accurately track individuals within the system

Monitor deployment history

Enforce tenure and leave period policies

Coordinate asset assignments and recovery

This solution integrates with your existing HR and access provisioning systems, which helps reduce duplicate records and boosts productivity. It can be deployed independently or as part of Provade VMS.