Provade Mobile

Provade Mobile revolutionizes VMS

You are on the go. And this presents a conflict. When you are not in the office, you need to be connected to quickly changing information, and your VMS. Provade has designed the solution — an end-to-end VMS that works across all mobile devices.

Provade Mobile simplifies on-the-go contingent workforce management and includes the following capabilities:

  • Requisition creation
  • Resume review
  • Candidate selection
  • Time and expense approval
  • Access to standard reports through the Business Intelligence (BI) tool

Provade gives you new ways of working in a MOBILE WORLD

  • Stay connected
  • Stay on top of late-breaking information in real time
  • Seize opportunities and candidates as they become available
  • Get more done
  • Work on the go. Use your time, while standing in line, during lunch, in a coffee shop — anywhere
  • Enterprise software with SaaS agility.